Wildest Peaks Trail Run
Event Information
Sunday 19th January 2020

Wildest Peaks Trail Run | Event Information
Sunday 19th January 2020

The fourth edition of this superb high level/moorland winter trail running event with a choice of long (25.6 km) and short (10.6 km) routes starting and finishing at Longshaw Estate in North Derbyshire with a combination of top quality running trails and stunning Peakland views.

Entry Fees 

Early Entry (before 1/9/2019)
Long (25.6 km/15.9 miles): £21 *£19
Short (10.6 km / 6.6 miles): £13 *£11

Standard Entry
Long (25.6 km/15.9 miles): £23 *£21
Short (10.6 km / 6.6 miles): £15 *£13

*Affiliate £2 discount per event – for competitors who are either; a member of a UKA affiliated club (with UKA Number) or the Trail Run Association (TRA Number).

On the day entry is subject to availability and cost and additional £3

Entry Limit 

Maximum of 350 participants, with a limit of 150 on the short course.

Age Classes

M: male 17 to 39
MV40: male 40 to 49
MV50: male 50 to 59
MV60: male 60+

F: female 17 to 39
FV40: female 40 to 49
FV50: female 50 to 59
FV60: female 60+

Age Limits

Solo runners minimum age is 17. Younger runners under 17 may enter so long as they are accompanied throughout the event by a parent/guardian who must be age 20+ – **contact us prior to entering for more details**.

The Courses

The entire route of both courses will be clearly marked with blue and yellow arrows.  The running terrain will vary from smooth fast tracks to rockier muddier paths. The short 10.6 km course is 100% off road, the long 25.6 km course has a couple of very short sections of connecting country lane (total of 1 km). There is some climb on both routes however this isn’t a fell race so we have always tried to make the climbs as runnable and manageable as possible. To find our more please read the route description.

Route Map

The route will be easy to follow – in addition a full colour OS route map with emergency numbers on the reverse will be provided at registration. A4 transparent plastic bags are available as map protection but in an effort to cut usage of these for, environmental purposes, please don’t take one unless you really feel you need to.


Long – 25.6 km/15.9 miles
Short – 10.6 km/6.6 miles

Course Records

Long – Men: 1:54:49 | Women: 2:19:38
Short – Men: 52:38 | Women: 56.39

Event Venue

The Moorland Discovery Centre, Longshaw Estate, Sheffield S11 7TZ (click for area map)

On the day of the event look out for Dark & White yellow/black directional road signs. More details about the parking will be provided in the final details. If in doubt as to the event location, please contact us BEFORE the day of the event. NB: THE CLOSEST EVENT PARKING IS PAY & DISPLAY.

Car sharing – wherever possible please car share to events – this is not only considerate to the environment but it also minimises potential congestion/parking problems in and around the start venues


Long Registration
Open from 7.30 – 9.20 am 

Short Registration
Open from 9.00 – 9.35 am

On arrival at registration you will be given a bagged, full colour course map; you will also be given a SPORTident timing chip/dibber. You must use a SPORTident timing chip/dibber to compete and you need to “dib” this into the box at the start and at any control points on the way round your course plus at the finish box – you must “dib” in all of the control boxes in the proper order to be classed as a finisher. You may use your own dibber if you have one (please tell us your number when prompted on entering) if you don’t have one we will rent you one automatically for free

Start Times

Start – choose your start window when entering
Long –  8:30am – 9:30am
Staggered group start windows every 10 minutes

Short –  9:40am – 10:00am
Staggered group start windows every 10 minutes

All courses will close at 2.00pm.

****The Golden Rule – if you are unable to complete your course you MUST let the organisers know either in person or telephone that you have retired. If you do not, you will be held responsible if the police or mountain rescue team is called out to search for you. A central telephone number will be provided on all event route maps.

Start Location

The start is located at the foot of the Burbage Valley approximately 10 mins walk from registration, the route to start from the registration will be marked.


Before each start window (choose your allocated start when entering) there will be a short 2 min briefing about the event. This will ensure you are fully aware of everything before you start and should ensure your run goes nice and smoothly!

Please arrive at the start 5 mins before your allocated start to hear the briefing.

You will not be allowed to start without hearing the briefing – please ensure you arrive on time!

Clean Shoe Policy

The National Trust requires that all participants must have clean shoes for the event. This is for biosecurity measures and the prevention of contamination of the Longshaw Estate. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL and failure to arrive at the event with clean shoes will result in a non start.

Compulsory Kit List

You are required to carry the following for the duration of the event to ensure you have adequate clothing in case of emergency.

  •  Clean Off Road Running shoes that in the organiser’s opinion are fully suitable for the type of off-road terrain to be encountered (NB road shoes are not suitable!).
  • Waterproof jacket (the jacket must be waterproof i.e. not just windproof/showerproof)*
  • Windproof leg cover*
  • Hat & gloves*
  • Other waterproof & warm body cover appropriate for the prevailing weather conditions.*
  • Event map with emergency contact numbers (provided at registration)
  • Mobile phone.
  • Money (in case you get stranded somewhere!)

You should also carry sufficient food/drink to sustain you for the duration of the event – you should not totally rely on the feed station (long route only) for this purpose.

This is a winter event held on exposed moorland, you therefore need to carry appropriate kit for an emergency – wearing skimpy shorts and a thin running vest whilst carrying no extra kit is an absolute guarantee that you won’t be allowed to start!

Event officials will disqualify anyone who in their opinion does not meet the above compulsory equipment criteria.

*These items may be relaxed on the day depending on the weather conditions, however the final kit list wont be disclosed until the morning of the event so please bring all of the above to the event. Please check the updated kit list board at registration or ask an event staff member if you are unsure.

Feed Station (long route only)

There will be a feed station at 13.5 km on the long route. It will include basic supplies of water, juice, OTE Anytime Bars, OTE Gels and biscuits.

Please be as self sufficient as possible and carry food/drink to sustain you for the duration of the event, as supplies are finite.

Plastic cups will be available at the feed station but we urge people to carry their own reusable collapsible cup (e.g. Hydrapak speedcup) or drinks bottle to reduce the amount of plastic used at events.

Timing Awards*

There will be Gold, Silver and Bronze time awards on each course (NB separate times for men and women) Certificates will be given at the finish.

25.6k: Men: Gold sub 2:20 Silver 2:20-2:55 Bronze 2:55+
25.6k:: Women: Gold sub 2:40 Silver 2:40-3:15 Bronze 3:15+

10.6k: Men: Gold sub 1:10 Silver 1:10-1:20 Bronze 1:20+
10.6k: Women: Gold sub 1:15 Silver 1:15-1:25 Bronze 1:25+

* Timing awards may be amended on the day of the event depending on ongoing underfoot and weather conditions.


At the finish dib in the control box to stop the clock then return to the event centre (registration) to download/ return your timing chip.

Once you have downloaded and received your time and certificate it is time to relax, chat and reminisce….

Post Run Refreshments

Free tea, coffee, squash, water, savoury snacks, cake and biscuits is available to all finishers.

Please consider the environment and bring a reusable cup for your post run cuppa rather than using our disposable cups.


Provisional results will be displayed on the day at the event; full results will be published on this website shortly after the event.

2019 Results | 2018 Results | 2017 Results

Class Prizes

Prizes will be awarded to class winners and runners up on each course on the day of the event. NB: classes may be merged if entries are low. Prizes will only be handed out at the day of event at the designated prize giving time (this will be provided in the final details).

No Dogs

We are sorry but dogs are not allowed on any of our trail running events in order to comply with UK Athletics Insurance Policy